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What We Do

The purposes of the Sons of the American Revolution are historical preservation as well as educational and patriotic causes.

Our Purpose

The purposes of the Sons of the American Revolution are historical preservation as well as educational and patriotic causes that include:

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  • Perpetuating the memory of Revolutionary War Patriots
  • Preserving the records of Revolutionary War Patriots
  • Marking the locations of the battlegrounds and skirmishes
  • Promoting fellowship among their descendants
  • Celebrating anniversaries of the revolution events
  • Inspiring the community with reverence for the principles of government founded by our forefathers
  • Maintaining and extending the institutions of American freedom
  • Encouraging historical research of the American Revolution
  • Carrying out the purposes of the Preamble of the Constitution
  • This organization shall strive to honor, respect, and support the sacrifices of our veterans.
  • We distribute history curriculum and educational media resources across the country.

Daytona-Ormond SAR

We Are Active

Meetings on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  We invite the Volusia County DARs and CAR Chapter, as well as friends and prospective members of SAR.  Most meetings have a speaker sharing their expertise – often on the Revolutionary War.  New members are inducted and Patriots in and about our community are honored. 

We honor homeowners and businesses for properly displaying Old Glory.

JROTC Awards are given to the Volusia County Schools honoring their cadets.  ROTC Awards are given to Embry-Riddle cadets.  This year we will be honoring the Sea Cadets.

We honor new Eagle Scouts and American History Teacher

We participate with other SARs CARs and DARs events: placing flags on graves, Liberty Tree ceremonies, installation of officers, parades, and the SAR Board of Management and DAR Congress in Orlando.

We are always looking to recruit new members with brochures, business cards, news releases to the newspapers as well as personal appearances in the communities.

We hosted the Regional Vice-Presidents meeting in DeLand this February.  There were representatives from the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Flagler, and Daytona-Ormond SAR Chapters, as well as, several state and national officers.  The DARs were also represented.

We were at CAR induction at “The Bunker”, a Vietnam Museum near UCF, and another in Port Orange. Several members participated at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona for History Com. Some have participated in the ceremony for the Last Naval Battle on Merritt Island and the Battle of Thomas Creek ceremony just north of Jacksonville.

A few have been part of a color guard unit for state and national events in Florida.

What are the Activities of the SAR?

⦁ Honors individuals for outstanding and unusual patriotic achievements at local, state, and national levels.
⦁ Honors persons for outstanding bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of imminent danger
⦁ Honors outstanding high school students with a presentation of a Good Citizenship Award.
⦁ Honors outstanding Junior and Senior ROTC cadets with the presentation of an SAR ROTC Award.
⦁ Honors Law Enforcement officials for outstanding service with a Law Enforcement Award
⦁ Honors Fire Safety Officials for outstanding service with a Commendation Award.
⦁ Selects outstanding Eagle Scouts at local, state, and national levels.
⦁ Conducts a national historical oration contest.
⦁ Sponsors Boy Scout troops and Societies of the Children of the American Revolution.
⦁ Places SAR markers at the grave sites of Revolutionary War Patriots and SAR Members.
⦁ Commemorates Revolutionary War Patriots with appropriate ceremonies
⦁ Participates in new citizenship swearing-in-ceremonies.
⦁ Observes patriotic anniversaries.
⦁ Cooperates with the Daughters of The American Revolution, Children of The American Revolution and other, hereditary organizations in the promotion of patriotism.